Hundreds of tasks of strategic management of import and export supplies of various commodity groups have been solved successfully. Our experts will give you the required recommendations and offer the best solutions to your tasks.

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Experience, high level of expertise, and a number of tried and tested tasks allow Transroup to offer each customer the most effective solutions. Company experts work with all cargo categories including complicated and unique commodity groups.



Customized approach, personal manager, single window mode, punctuality in compliance with the declared terms and obligations, well-manged system of work, and clear coordination of the company's experts — we do not just solve the tasks, but do it as conveniently for you as possible.


Wide geography

We work throughout the world: carry out delivery and customs clearance both from Europe and APR countries to Russia, and within Russia. Possibility to choose the place of customs clearance taking into account the peculiarities of the customer's logistics. Actual presence of offices with operations employees at all main sea, river, and airports of the Russian Federation as well as customs logistics terminals.


Transparency and responsibility

Clear pricing, complete document flow. Our customers are always aware of where and at what stage their cargo is. We are always available and open for customers. We are responsible for our business; our knowledge and understanding of the specifics of our business allow Transgroup to offer the best solutions for its customers anticipating all possible matters and risks in advance.


Comprehensive logistics

Maritime, railway, automobile, air, and multimodal transport operations, a wide network of consolidation warehouses, efficiency, regularity, and the most competitive cost of transportation are available to customers due to the constant cargo flow and extensive partner network.

Examples of developed routes


Manchuria Zabaikalsk Magnitogorsk

  • Distance 5800 km
  • Route Overland transportation by rail or automobile transport
  • Time 10-15 days

Valencia St. Petersburg Moscow

  • Distance 5500 km
  • Route Multimodal transportation: maritime from Valincia to St. Petersburg during 14-20 days, by automobile transport from St.Petersburg to Moscow during 3-4 days.
  • Time 17-24 days

Qingdao Novorossiysk Moscow

  • Distance 15000 km
  • Route Multimodal transportation from Qindao to Novorossiysk via Indian ocean takes about 35-50 days, then cargo is transported by road to Moscow during 1-3 days.
  • Time 45-55 days

Shanghai Vladivostok Moscow

  • Distance 12000 km
  • Route Overland
  • Time 17-25 days


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